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Types of wood


Bamboo is one of the most valuable and versatile plants in the world. It is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, creativity, versatility and uprightness. Its symbolism is as varied as its uses. It is slender, reaching for the sky, straight-stemmed but flexible and resilient. The plant's characteristics make it a symbol of humility, adaptability, resilience and perseverance.

Mango Wood

The Mango Tree is also known as the "king of fruits", the mango is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and abundance. The mango fruit is also a symbol of love and fertility. Mango motifs are widely used to decorate furniture and textiles.


The mangosteen tree has been called the "fruit of the gods", a symbol of deserved success, abundant harvest, and wealth through hard work.


The "tree of happiness", considered a symbol of beauty, balance and protection. The mimosa is the eternal symbol of feminine energies; sensitivity, empathy, sensuality. It brings respect and happiness in business through joyful activity, and its flower also carries a message of loyal love.

Reclaimed Wood

Trees rich in history and character add beauty, charm and history to their surroundings. The addition of reclaimed wood to your home provides a rustic look that seamlessly connects your living space to nature and the past. It also brings character and a unique story to the space through the use of beautiful wood textures.


The Sheesham, or Dalbergia Sisso, as it is more commonly known, is a native of India and southern Iran. It usually grows on river banks, but can be found up to 1400 metres above sea level, growing up to 25 metres high although usually smaller, and when growing in the open it usually has a curved trunk.


Teak has been known as a sacred tree for many different reasons throughout history. It has calming, healing and protective properties. Its extraordinary material makes it a symbol of resilience. It conveys a message of protection, progress and growth.

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