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Mango and teak are both beautiful hardwoods indigenous to India and are wonderful timber for furniture making. Each wood has its own identity and unique properties.

Handmade Indian wood furniture by nature are imperfect pieces that are carved, fitted and painted by hand, giving each piece an individual and slightly rustic charm. Slight imperfections are to be expected and are not considered defects. The design comes straight from the craftsmen, who use their skills and artistry to create unique designs to delight the future owner of the furniture.

We take high-resolution images of our premium quality furniture to faithfully reflect the products. We take our own photographs to show the furniture in as much detail as possible, and do our best to show the authentic colour and look of the furniture, making it easy to buy.


Mango wood furniture has quickly become a very popular tropical wood furniture for all types of homes. The perfect wood for furniture making; a solid hardwood that is easy to shape. It has a beautiful natural character and can be easily painted in a variety of colours. It is most often stained a dark brown colour or treated with a rich ‘honey’ stain, wax or protective clear varnish to bring out the wood’s wonderful natural character (read more about mango wood here).


Teak is the hardest, most durable and strongest hardwood, making it the perfect material for durable outdoor furniture, but it is also popular for making unique indoor furniture. Its high oil content makes it the most resistant to rot of all natural woods. The wood is moderately heavy, solid and hard. It is generally fine and coarse grained, with a uniform texture, medium gloss and oily feel (read more about teak here).

Book an appointment in our showroom online or call +36 20 326 8115

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