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Our story #beszédesbútorok

The beginning of our story is very simple. A passion for travelling has been part of my life from a very young age, my parents used to take us on spontaneous trips around Europe, my sister worked at travel agentcy and my two brothers explored the region through motorcycle racing. As the youngest child in the family, I was inspired by them, and was fascinated with travelling and new cultures. One of my favourite childhood heroes is Willie Fogg, who travelled around the planet in 80 days and had many adventures. Whenever I had the chance, I was on the road, roaming Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia. Every new place, every culture is a new discovery, a flood of new people and experiences.

Our story #beszédesbútorok

Through my travels I saw a lot of beautiful and unique things, and started collecting tokens and souvenirs of each region. Looking at these always brings back fond memories of adventures. This gave me the idea to share this experience by bringing handmade unique furniture and decorative objects with an oriental atmosphere back to Hungary and Europe as exciting additions to the mostly minimalist products that are currently available everywhere. In addition to the aesthetic delight, a closer look at the intricate carvings and paintings reveals a wealth of symbols. Lotus flowers, animals, geometric symbols that speak to us, radiating positive life energy, hence the idea of the Talking Furniture Shop.

During my college years I started working for an Anglo-Saxon retail company in Hungary. It was a great opportunity to learn the important building blocks of trade. Years in hypermarkets and convenience stores were followed by the logistics field for the last 14 years. Working for international companies, I had the opportunity to travel to several continents and see how retail and supply chain work both globally and locally, in very different geographical contexts and with very different, yet universal customer expectations. These travels have taken me to North America, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, Asia and several countries in Europe.

Global companies are putting similar mass produced products on the shelves all over the world. Our goal is to offer unique, handcrafted, local artisanal products that bring us so much joy from around the world, sharing the experience with our fellow pilgrims and travellers.

We are currently offering oriental style furniture and home decor made from tropical hardwood, imported from India, Thailand and Nepal (inspiring our company name LaVida Oriental Heritage). Explore our unique selection of hand-made brass gongs, silk wall hangings from Cashmere, handpainted ricebaskets made from bamboo, mango wooden cabinets or mangosteen space dividers with spot lights.

Our beautiful handmade furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood and built to last. High quality dried timber, bamboo and hand woven silk products. One-of-a-kind pieces that are handed down from generation to generation, carefully crafted by the artisans who create them. We believe that if the products we choose mean something to the person who made them, they will mean even more to the person who takes them home.

Each home has its own story, where our individual style comes to life. As the story of your home evolves, we at the Talking Furniture Shop are also working on renewing our selection to inspire new stories. Our passion is your furniture and we always strive to provide our customers with the best service. Thank you for making us part of your story!

Come and visit us: LaVida Oriental Heritage warehouse and showroom in Budapest, Hungary

Professional Background (LinkedIn)

2022-present LaVida Oriental Heritage – own business

2019-2021 Amazon: Luxembourg, Europe

2017-2018 Homebase & The Bunnings Warehouse: UK, Australia, New-Zealand

2015-present VegaFűszeray – own business

1999-2014 Tesco PLC: Hungary, UK, Europe, India, Thailand

Other Cities

INDIA, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is located in the north-west of India, meaning "Land of Kings" in Hindi. Woodworking has been a long-standing tradition in Rajasthan since the 17th century. Masterpieces of woodcarving from the 17th and 18th centuries can still be seen in local museums. The woodwork of Jodhpur is very significant, especially in a region famous for its forts, palaces, gems, wood carvings, block printing techniques and blue ceramics. All doors and modest homes are aesthetically decorated. Form and colour define all life, almost in defiance of the barren, expansive desert sands.

NEPAL, Kathmandu

The capital and most populated city of Nepal is Kathmandu. A popular destination to start your journey to the Himalayas or visiting Bhutan. Kathmandu is vibrant must-visit city for the adventure seekers. Make sure you visit the baazar in Thamel for an authentic shopping experience.

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