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Mirrors are transformative elements of interior design, infusing everyday use with elegance and charm. They effortlessly expand spaces, creating an impression of depth and openness, especially in smaller rooms. Strategically placed in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms or living rooms, mirrors capture and reflect natural light and brighten the space.

From creative ornamental frames made from recycled textile printing blocks to recycled vintage window and door frames from old Indian buildings, these mirrors complement a wide variety of decor styles. Mirrors are not just decorative; they are versatile instruments that shape light, expanding the potential for individual expression, reflecting style and personality.

A well positioned mirror enhances natural light, turning dim corners into glowing sanctuaries. Mirrors effortlessly juxtapose textures, colours and patterns, adding dimension to interiors. Mirrors can redefine and energise living spaces as captivating decorative elements, inviting a harmonious symphony of light and design.

Browse our selection of mango wood, teak and recycled wood mirrors, each with a unique story to tell! They will look great placed above our sideboard cabinets or dressers. #vintagedecor #solidwoodmirror

Book an appointment in our showroom online or call +36 20 326 8115

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