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Teak wood

As a sacred tree, Teak is a symbol of calm, resilience and protection. Used in architecture and furniture making for its durability and exceptional material, its extraction is now strictly controlled, and recycled teak furniture is increasingly common.

Teak, also known as oak, teak or Indian oak, is a member of the family of the orache family. It is deciduous and grows to an average height of 40 metres, which it reaches in 50 years. The wood is whitish to light yellowish brown when young, and golden to medium brown when older. It has a stiff, hard texture and retains its smell for a long time. Above-average wear resistance and good weather resistance. Over time it will crack and become patinated, but this only adds to its beauty. It is not found at sea level, mainly in low mountain areas. It is found mainly in India and Southeast Asia, but has also been introduced to Africa and the Caribbean because of its value and wide use. Its main producers are Myanmar, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

It has been used in India for over 2000 years and is one of the most valuable timbers. It has also been used in palaces and temples because of its high tolerance and wear resistance. In addition to furniture, it is also used for bridges, shutters, floors, quays and ships.

Throughout history, teak has been known as a sacred wood for a variety of reasons. It has soothing, healing and protective properties. Its extraordinary material makes it a symbol of resilience. It conveys a message of protection, progress and growth.

Wood Care

Important: all our wooden products are treated with care before being placed on the market. For products that have been stained, only a slightly damp or dry soft cloth should be used to clean the surface. The use of oil, varnish or wax can damage the hand staining and does not help to maintain the material!

Surfaces treated with natural or pickled varnish may require care to maintain and extend the healthy life of the products.

If you want to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, you should treat it with wax and oil. The wax material should be worked into the wood and the excess wiped off. If oil is used, it is advisable to apply it with a brush to the surface, as much as can be absorbed. These procedures should be carried out at the end of good weather for garden furniture. It is advisable to wipe over with oil every 3-4 months using a lint-free cloth. Paper towels should not be used as they can scratch the surface of the wood. Use a soft bristle brush and soapy water to remove accumulated dirt before treatment. Avoid using pressure washers and steel wool.
Teak that has not been cleaned may turn dark grey or black after a few years. To avoid this, we recommend purchasing a cleaning product specifically designed for teak, which removes accumulated dirt and grease from the surface of the furniture and even contains brightening ingredients that help to restore the teak to its original colour.


Teak is largely harvested from artificial plantations and is sustainable due to its wear resistance and long life. It is fully recyclable, even as biomass energy.

Interesting Facts

The oldest teak tree is found in India and in Kerala, the most densely populated state in India.
Teak was a major contributor to the dominance of the British fleet in the 18th century. At that time, teak was considered the best material for ships, as ships made from it lasted up to 100 years. The shipyards were moved to India, near Bombay. Before that, the ships of the British fleet were made of oak, which lasted about half the life of teak ships. By comparison, modern steel ships last an average of 50 years.
In the native places of teak, the indigenous people also made tea from the bark of the tree, which is a member of the mint family. According to the indigenous people, the tea helps with headaches, fevers and stomach aches.

Tea is recognised worldwide for its durability and stability. Its high oil content acts as a “built-in” natural water repellent, making it virtually immune to rot, fungi and harsh chemicals. Teak is one of the few woods that can withstand the desert heat and does not catch fire easily.

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