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The mangosteen is a symbol of deserved success and abundance, known as “the fruit of the gods”. It is a tropical evergreen tree, a very slow-growing variety, a symbol of the wealth that can be achieved through persistent work. It has a pyramidal crown and elliptical and elongated leaves. The bark is peeling and the inside contains bitter milk sap. It is native to the tropical areas surrounding the Indian Ocean. Its exact origin is unknown, but some speculate that it originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas. Today it is typically found in East Asia.The fruit of the mangosteen is edible, juicy and aromatic, with a slightly tart flavour. In its natural habitat it can grow to heights of 25-50 metres. The wood is dark brown, heavy, almost sinking in water, and moderately durable. It has been used to make spears, rice sticks and is still used for carpentry in the building industry. It is currently cultivated mainly for its fruit, which makes it a sustainable source of wood for furniture and decorative objects.

Wood Care

Oil: The oil is completely colourless and does not form a layer on the wood, it is absorbed to bring out the original shade of the furniture. It is completely absorbed into the wood, coating the wood fibres. The oil treatment makes the furniture waterproof and protects it from stains caused by daily use. Sanding the treated surface restores the natural effect. You can get a specially formulated tropical wood preservative oil for the treatment, but you can also use less expensive vegetable oils that are readily available in the household.

Varnish. It is highly resistant to external influences, rubbing off, scratches and stains. The disadvantage is that if the furniture is damaged in a particular area, it is not enough to treat that one part, but the whole piece of furniture must be covered with it. Varnish is an excellent long-term solution as it is highly resistant. There are several types of lacquer to choose from to suit your taste, matt, semi matt, satin or even gloss. For indoor use, a longer drying time is suitable, while for outdoor use a shorter drying time is recommended.


Mangosteen production is relatively sustainable, with no known significant damage to air, water, soil or forests. When buying the fruit, it is worth taking care that it is GMO-free, as chemical pesticides pollute the air, soil and water.

Interesting Facts

Although mangosteen is widely known for its fruit, it also has medicinal properties. The peel of the fruit can be used internally for dysentery, diarrhea, cystitis and gonorrhea. Externally, it can be used for eczema and other skin conditions. The decoction of the leaf and bark can also be used for such purposes. The fruit peel is a source of tannin, which can be used as a black dye. The twigs are used as chewing sticks. The wood is used for construction and carpentry.

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