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Product care instructions

Treating hardwood products

Handmade by traditional methods, each piece of our natural solid wood furniture is completely unique; no two are exactly alike. Our Indian and Thai furniture are wonderful, natural products that can complement your home, creating a unique atmosphere. Caring for real wood furniture is important. Please see the simple instructions below for suggested care.

Use of natural wax or oil

We recommend refreshing hardwood furniture twice a year with a treatment product appropriate for the type of wood. This will help preserve their shine and bring out the beautiful natural colour and grain of the wood. Using a natural wax or oil will prevent the wood from drying out, which can lead to cracking or warping over time. This treatment is not recommended for colour stained products. For natural or brown-stained products, you can use natural (pure) beeswax or oil specifically recommended for the type of wood you have chosen, available from any DIY store, following the instructions on the box for applying the wax or oil to the furniture. Always clean the furniture beforehand and make sure it is dry and dust-free before applying the wax or oil. If using either material, apply a thin coat to the surface of the wood with a lint-free cloth, working in the direction of the grain, leave to stand for 15 minutes and then rub off with a clean cloth.

Avoid heat sources, heat impact

As with all solid wood products, strong heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight should be avoided. Excessive heat can cause natural wood products to dry out and eventually warp or crack.

Use coasters!

All natural wood furniture is prone to water damage, so ensure you use coasters to avoid scratch marks caused by hot mugs, plates or wet glasses.

For detailed product care tips and descriptions by wood type, click here:

Teak wood, Mango wood, Mangosteen, Mimosa, Bamboo, Reclaimed wood, Sheesham (Rose wood)

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