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Hand embroidered hanging mantra wall decoration from Nepal

Country of Origin: Nepal
Material: Silk
Weight: 0.3 kg
Width: 0.1 cm
Depth: 17.5 cm
Height: 93 cm
10  (+ TAX) 13  (price with TAX)

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Short product description:

Silk pendant, wall ornament decorated with auspicious Buddhist symbols. Place of origin Kathmandu, Nepal. Silk Road collection.

The meaning of colours and symbols

The eight auspicious Buddhist symbols

  1. Precious Umbrella: protects from all evil
  2. Golden Fish: representing happiness and beings rescued from the sea of suffering
  3. Vase of Treasures: a sign of the fulfilment of spiritual and material desires
  4. Lotus Flower: symbol of purity and spiritual unfolding
  5. Conch Shell: proclaims the teachings of the enlightened
  6. Infinite Knot: symbolizes the meditative mind and the infinite knowledge of the Buddha
  7. Victory Banner: symbolizes the victory of wisdom over ignorance and the overcoming of obstacles
  8. Dharma Wheel: symbol of spiritual and universal law

What does the “flag” represent: guidance, example to follow, travelling forward, striving to be ahead.

The meaning of the red-yellow colours

Both carry solar content, which primarily reinforces the qualities of creative will, action, initiative, healthy self-assertion. Yellow conveys all of these with a more subtle attitude, while red is more forceful and thus reflects more strongly in this form.

The meaning of red-blue colours

This colour combination is the most harmonious expression of the dual nature of the world (sun-moon, fire-water, active-passive, emanating, receptive, male-female, etc.). It is therefore a carrier of balance and equality. Red is symbolic of strong intention, blue of the wise transmission of intention. In this composition, it supports the success of implementation.

Meaning of red-green colours

The solar, active creativity of red, combined with the expressive, eloquent quality of green, supports the verbal or non-verbal (formal) expression of actions.

Meaning of yellow-red colours

Both carry solar content, which primarily reinforces the qualities of creative will, action, initiative, healthy self-assertion. Yellow conveys these with a more subtle attitude, while red is more powerful and thus reflects the realisation in this form.

Meaning of yellow-green colours

Yellow’s solarity indicates a less emphatic intention to act, while green represents the expression of the intention that has been set in motion. Green symbolises the vertical and horizontal flow of vegetation, fertility and renewal. In this colour composition, it supports the expression of action through success.

Meaning of yellow-violet/brown colours

The yellow-violet colours support the implementation of balanced decisions made with deliberation and subtle momentum. Brown conveys success on the ground of realities.

The price of the product is for 1 piece.

You can read more about the meaning of colours and motifs by clicking on the links.

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Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 0,1 × 17,5 × 93 cm


Country of Origin


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Important: all our wooden products are carefully treated before they are shipped from Asia. Products that have been painted should only be cleaned with a slightly damp or dry soft cloth. The use of oil, varnish or wax may damage the hand painting and does not help to preserve and maintain the health of the wood.

Surfaces treated with natural or applied varnish may require care to maintain and extend the healthy life of the products.

For detailed product care tips and descriptions by wood type, click here:

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