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Talking furniture: the history of reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture and home décor are becoming increasingly popular in our homes. We find durable, great and versatile solutions where every piece has a story and history that draws us in and helps us appreciate this incredible resource. If you’re looking to bring calm, positive energy and a lush atmosphere into your home, we heartily recommend our recycled wood products.

So what exactly is recycled wood?

For those who may not know, reclaimed wood is a material that has been taken from an old structure and reused for something else – whether it’s wooden flooring or brand new reclaimed furniture. So what’s so great about reclaimed wood and why do we love it?

The beauty of reclaimed hardwood furniture

The primary use for reclaimed wood has been to make furniture – and rightly so, we think. Making furniture from reclaimed wood is an art that shows beautiful results every time.

Because it has been used before, each piece of reclaimed wood furniture has a unique look and its own story. No two pieces are the same and each has a unique character. That’s why we think reclaimed wood is beautiful – we love the character it brings to our homes. One of the biggest benefits of reclaimed furniture is that it can be incorporated into any style of home – be it contemporary or traditional.

Talking furniture: the history of reclaimed wood furniture #beszédesbútorok

Imagine a mirror with a frame made of textile dye blocks, or a garden bench made from a horse-drawn carriage’s driver’s seat. Tables transformed from a grain mill or a rice-drying tray, a table and mirror reimagined from a door, the creative possibilities are endless.

Reclaimed wood furniture is stronger

Reclaimed wood has been in some form of use for many years before it is re-purposed to build furniture, which usually means that it has shrunk and expanded many times, therefore has dried out completely, reducing the risk of cracks and splitting. 

In addition, reclaimed wood is usually much older than young wood felled for furniture. This has a great effect on the strength of the furniture, as the grains are usually much denser, making the wood less prone to cracking and chipping.

If you’re looking to bring such a beautiful, characteristic material into your home, look no further, explore LaVida Oriental Heritage’s range of reclaimed wood furniture for sale, or contact us with any questions – we’re here to help.

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