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How Bamboo Rice Baskets Are Made

How Bamboo Rice Baskets Are Made #beszédesbútorok

Rice baskets have a long history in Thailand and are an essential part of the country’s cultural heritage. These baskets, known as “krajood” in Thai, are traditionally used for various purposes, particularly for storing, transporting, and cooking rice. Let’s explore the history and making of rice baskets in Thailand.

A Brief History:

The use of rice baskets in Thailand dates back centuries and is closely connected to the country’s agricultural heritage. Rice has been a staple crop in Thailand for thousands of years, and rice baskets have played a crucial role in the processing and preservation of rice. In the past, rice baskets were handmade by skilled artisans using locally available materials such as bamboo, rattan, or other natural fibers. These materials were abundant in Thailand’s tropical climate and offered durability and flexibility, making them ideal for basket weaving.

Making of Rice Baskets:

The process of making rice baskets in Thailand involves several steps, from harvesting the raw materials to the intricate weaving techniques. Here’s a general overview:

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1. Material Preparation:

The first step involves gathering the necessary materials. Bamboo and rattan are commonly used for weaving rice baskets. The bamboo is cut into sections of suitable length, while rattan is collected and prepared by removing its thorns and soaking it in water to increase its pliability.

2. Stripping and Splitting:

The bamboo is then stripped of its outer layer to expose the smooth inner surface, which will be used for weaving. The bamboo is split into thin, uniform strips using a knife or other suitable tools. Similarly, the rattan is split into smaller strands to facilitate weaving.

3. Weaving Technique:

How Bamboo Rice Baskets Are Made #beszédesbútorok

The weaving technique used for rice baskets in Thailand varies depending on the specific style and design. Generally, the process involves a combination of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal weaving patterns. Skilled artisans use their hands and simple tools like needles or hooks to create intricate and sturdy basket structures.

4. Shaping and Finishing:

How Bamboo Rice Baskets Are Made #beszédesbútorok

As the weaving progresses, the basket begins to take shape. The weaver determines the size, height, and overall structure of the basket. Once the weaving is complete, the excess materials are trimmed, and the edges are secured to ensure durability.


Some rice baskets in Thailand are adorned with decorative elements, such as colorful threads or patterns, to enhance their aesthetic appeal. These decorative additions often showcase the weaver’s creativity and can vary depending on regional styles and personal preferences.

1. First, the bamboo basket is covered in a layer of clay, which provide a solid coating.

2. Then a layer of base colour is applied, which will provide an often colourful background to the pattern that will decorate the basket.

3. Finally, the skilled local artists delight us with beautiful handpainted motifs, from Lotus flowers, to Elephants, through mythological characters like Garuda or the Thai Demon Guards.


Rice baskets hold cultural and practical significance in Thailand. They are not only functional but also carry symbolic value. Rice is a staple food in Thai cuisine, and rice baskets represent the connection to the land, the importance of agriculture, and the nurturing aspect of Thai culture.

Furthermore, rice baskets are often used as decorative items or as gifts for special occasions, reflecting Thai craftsmanship and cultural identity.

Today, while the traditional techniques of rice basket weaving are still preserved, modern manufacturing processes have introduced machine-made baskets using synthetic materials. However, handmade rice baskets continue to be valued for their unique craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

The history and making of rice baskets in Thailand showcase the country’s rich traditions and the craftsmanship of its artisans. These baskets are not only practical tools but also beautiful expressions of Thai culture and identity.Browse our selection of handmade bamboo rice baskets and find your favourite. They will be a great addition to any interior, and lighten up the space with the vibrant colours and patterns. Bring a piece of Oriental delight to your home!

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