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How does the Partner Program work: together on the road to success

Who do we recommend our partner program to?

We are happy to recommend our partner programme to entrepreneurs who own or rent studios or work in the hospitality industry. Yoga Studios, Photographers, Film Studios, Restaurants, Boutique Hotels wanting to furnish or expand their space with completely unique, quality furniture and home decoration items.

If you’re looking for truly unique and inspiring interior design, you’ve come to the right place. We offer premium quality handmade unique furniture and home décor. You can make purchases at a partner discount or rent furniture from us for short or long term. If you recommend our products to your guests or clients, you can also earn a commission.

What discounts and commission can I earn?

Discount: we offer our partners a discounted price depending on the value and frequency of purchase. For details, please contact or call +36 20 3268115.

Commission: We offer a 5-10% discount based on total net value of your purchase. You can also earn commission by referring our website and customers placing a direct order with us. Details of discount rates will be shared if you successfully sign up to be a partner. Please note: the commission is calculated based on net basket value excluding VAT and shipping charges and cannot be used together with other discounts such as redeeming loyalty points.

When you help our work with a product review after purchase, you will receive a coupon worth HUF 5,000 which you can use for future purchases. We will inform you about the terms and conditions of using the coupon when we send it to you on email.

How can I check the balance of the commission I earned ?

When you register, you will receive a unique partner ID and a referral URL, that allows us to track referrals and purchases when set up on your online forums (website, social media). You can check the balance of your earned commission in your account on our website. You will need to raise an invoice for the commission to be paid.

How do I receive payment for my commission?

Once the referred customer completed their order, you will see the commission earned in your account. You need to issue an invoice in line with our partner agreement for the commission to be paid. The minimum invoice amount is 25.000 HUF, so please make sure your earned commission reaches this value before issuing the invoice.

What are the exceptions when the commission would not be paid?

If the order comes directly from the referred customer, they must indicate your partner agent code on the order, in the absence of this we will not be able to reward the commission. Also if the order is cancelled, returned or the contract is breached in any other way the commission will not be paid.

How do we share the success ?

We will give you the opportunity to be listed as a partner on our website, so our customers can find you more easily through us. We will also share photos of work using our products on our social media pages and website. Here you will be able to include your name or company name, sharing successfully completed collaborative projects.

How can I join?

Please register an affiliate account by filling in the registration form below, or log in if you have already done this. Following your registration we will send you details of our ways of working, outlining the terms and conditions of our collaboration, including details of discounts, commission and loyalty points you can earn based on accumulated net sales and how we can pay you. You will have the option to choose from commission paid as cash or a more lucrative loyalty point collection which you can redeem in future purchases. Please contact us with any further questions on this email address


Other Cities

INDIA, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is located in the north-west of India, meaning "Land of Kings" in Hindi. Woodworking has been a long-standing tradition in Rajasthan since the 17th century. Masterpieces of woodcarving from the 17th and 18th centuries can still be seen in local museums. The woodwork of Jodhpur is very significant, especially in a region famous for its forts, palaces, gems, wood carvings, block printing techniques and blue ceramics. All doors and modest homes are aesthetically decorated. Form and colour define all life, almost in defiance of the barren, expansive desert sands.

NEPAL, Kathmandu

The capital and most populated city of Nepal is Kathmandu. A popular destination to start your journey to the Himalayas or visiting Bhutan. Kathmandu is vibrant must-visit city for the adventure seekers. Make sure you visit the baazar in Thamel for an authentic shopping experience.

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